The charge and the electromagnetic force

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An electric charge can not be punctual because in each point, the electric vector has only ONE direction. It cannot be multidirectional. The phenomenon of charge have to be understood as the spherical disposition of divergent or convergent electric vectors.

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This spherical disposition leads to a paradox. Indeed, one point located in "c" will receive the antagonistic influence of " a' " and " b' ". But if the points "a" and "b" are included in a spherical disposition, it appears that the influence will be agonistic.

To resolve this paradox, it is necessary to conclude that the space is curved by the particle and that virtual photon which goes from "a" to "c" doesn't take the shortest way in an Euclidian space but the shortest way in a curved space. The outside photons cannot penetrate inside the particle. The inside photons can not go out of the particle.

Electromagnetic force is described by equations of Maxwell but for very short distances (1 Fermi), these equations must consider the curvature of the space.

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