The Weak Interaction

The weak interaction is the expression of the instable equilibrium of charges of neutron. The neutron has a very precise geometry. Its core is positive and its shell is negative. The association of positive and negative charges could seem to be a very stable association. In fact, in this model, positive charge is not NEXT to negative charge but IN the negative charge.

In a sphere of charges, external fields have an opposite direction to internal fields. So, if the shell of the neutron is seen by the observer as a negative sphere, the inside of the shell is positively charged. The electrostatic repulsion of the positive core and the internal positive face of the shell lead to the expulsion of a sphere of charges.

This sphere will appear as a negative charge by an external observer. This charge will be stabilized with a little quantity of energy. The quantity of expulsed charge is determined by the charge of the core (+1e). The quantity of energy which goes with the charge is determined by the stabilization of the new-born proton and not by the expulsed particle. This last one have to be optimized in size and in energy to allow the birth of the electron and antineutrino.

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