Anatomy of the proton

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One of the three bubbles
The 3 bubbles (X,Y,Z) forming the proton

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Spin of the proton
Prediction of density of charge of the proton

Proton is a geon but not a primoridal geon.

Geon is an electromagnetic wave which is held together in a confined
region by the gravitational attraction of its own field energy.
(J. A. Wheeler)

An isolated proton's bubble is not a geon because it hasn't gravitational effect.

Each bubble takes up an axis X, Y or Z.

Very small negative poles are outside and positive core are inside.
The radius of the proton is 1.3221 fm.
The charge radius of the proton (internal core) is 0.875 fm.
The partial charges of 6 poles are globally zero.
The partial charge of the core is positive (3 times +1/3 = +1).
The negative charge inside the core is not visible outside the particle.
This negative charge is visible only for particles penetrating inside the core.

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